14K Gold, Diamonds, Sold

Sterling/Sierra Nevada Turquoise $700.00

Sterling/Kingman Turquoise $750.00

14K Gold/Apache Blue Turquoise SOLD




I spend many hours in my studio, working on jewelry; it usually takes several steps and pieces of equipment to produce one piece of jewelry. The design is hand sawed from a sheet of either sterling or gold using a small saw and 0/4 or 0/5 blades. Depending on what I’m making, this can take several hours.

The piece then needs to have all the rough inside edges filed smoothly, in order to do this I use high quality Swiss files and/or a dremel tool with small sanding belts to get into tight areas, then smooth both sides on a flat sanding block.

Metals are cleaned thoroughly before the soldering process. The soldering station is specifically set up with safety in mind. Acetylene gas tanks are secured and fire extinguishers handy in case of emergency. A crock pot sits to the side with a heated pickle solution that helps to remove fire-scale from the metal once it’s soldered.

I have a fine sanding station set up to remove the re- maining fire scale and smooth outside edges before the item is hand stamped. After stamping, the piece is shaped either on a wooden stump or steel mandrel (as show in the photos above). The piece is almost complete, now it needs to be buffed and polished. It takes a lot of work to buff the metal smooth and make it shine.

Now the piece is ready for stone settng if needed. With several types of lapidary equipment, I can make cabs of turquoise or cut shaped pieces for inlay; a final polish and it’s done!